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Disability awareness

Esi Hardy - Managing Director with  students after Disability in the Workplace Session

Helping Your Business Thrive By Promoting Awareness In The Workplace

Working with private, public and not-for-profit organisations to influence and develop disability awareness in the workplace.  Covering a range of sectors. Are you:

  • Developing your recruitment process to attract disabled people
  • Improving disability access in retail
  • Developing staff confidence to talk to disabled people
  • Understanding how to create an inclusive event that will welcome disabled people

Attracting, engaging and retaining disabled people as employees and customers? Then you've come to the right place.  Through disability awareness related training, consultancy and audits, you will harness the wealth of skills, knowledge and experience that emerge when an organisation thinks about disability in the workplace.

Celebrating Disability enables equality and inclusion of disabled people. As a result of personal lived experience of disability and strategic business experience, we ensure your business is armed with the tools needed to competently engage and recognise disabled people as valuable business assets.

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Disability Awareness, Inclusion & Equality for Businesses & Non-for-Profits

  • Supporting you to feel confident when working with disabled people; whether they be employees or customers
  • Supporting your employees by raising their level of disability awareness
  • Developing understanding of the barriers that face disabled people and to devise solutions that ensure disabled people can add value to your organisation

By working with you to understand your specific processes and areas of concern, we can create a package that supports your goals and your employees to successfully implement disability awareness in the workplace. We will work with you to ensure that your business is armed with the tools needed to confidently and competently engage with and recognise disabled people as valuable business assets.

Celebrating Disability has worked with businesses in a range of sectors; from law firms to charities, churches to transport.  Whatever your organisation, we can support you and your employees to be confident when engaging and working with disabled people.

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Why Disability Awareness Impacts Your Business

A combined spending power of over £250 billion per year, adding over the 20% to UK economy. A business resource that is dedicated and productive, who can become business champions and have a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Disabled people are the business asset that you cannot ignore. To be inclusive of disabled people is to create an environment where everyone regardless of ability or disability can benefit.

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How Can Celebrating Disability Help You?

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