Disability Awareness Into Inclusion

Disability awareness training in the workplace,
consulting and event speaking tailored to your organisation.

Working with private corporations to develop disability awareness in the workplace. Because awareness leads to inclusion. Celebrating Disability work with a variety of sectors to support the development of disability inclusion outcomes.​

Attracting, engaging and retaining Disabled People? Then you’ve come to the right place.
Through event speaking, consultancy and disability awareness training, you and your employees will be armed with the tools necessary to embed disability inclusion cultures and ensure disability inclusion is a top priority within teams

Enabling workplace environments that engage, retain, and support disabled people. Using effective, date-driven, and tailored strategies, we will support your company in developing disability inclusion that stems from awareness.

Training, consultancy, and internal workplace talks tailored to your business’s disability inclusion goals.  Empowering your workplace with the tools needed to confidently engage and enable disabled and neurodivergent candidates and employees to succeed.

Many workplaces lack physical access. This could be for a multitude of reasons. Often, this leads people to believe they cannot be accessible and work with disabled people.  While built environment accessibility is very important, equally important is a feeling of inclusion in the building. Alongside this, many barriers faced by disabled people are intangible and not related to the physical.

A Pan Disability Perspective

Disability is diverse and broad. Therefore, recognising we ensure to recognise this in our training and delivery of services. Whatever service you commission us to deliver, you can be assured that we will support you to understand the barriers disabled people face from the diverse spectrum of disability.  We discuss disability inclusion for

ASD & neurodiversity

Sensory disabilities

Long-term health conditions

Mental ill health

Physical disabilities

Learning disabilities

Disability Awareness in the Workplace that leads to Inclusion

Do you and your colleage ask yourselves these questions:

What will encourage employees to tell us about their disability?

Why aren't disabled people applying for our roles?

How do we ask disabled people about what support they need?

How do we develop a disability inclusive culture?

You and your colleages may be struggling to:

  • Engage and interact with disabled employees and customers
  • Attract and recruit disabled people into your business and teams
  • Ensure a positive experience for your disabled employees enabling them to feel part of the workplace community
  • Understand why disabled people are not signing up or staying at your events
  • Support your disabled employees, colleagues and line managers to be disability allies

Celebrating Disability can support you and your business to:

  • Develop staff confidence to talk about disabled people
  • Design recruitnment processes to attract disabled people and support disabled candidates
  • Build systematic resources for line managers to enable them to support disabled employees to feel values and supported
  • Create accessible and inclusive events that will engage and attract disabled people
  • Enable businesses as usual work processes that encourage inclusion


to raise awareness


to implement change


to develop strategy

Ready to discuss the next step in your disability awareness journey?

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Esi is a brilliant, inspiring individual and this shines through in her training session. She delivered a thought-provoking session with real wisdom and even humour! Our tutors felt able to explore difficult topics, and came away from the session with a greater sense of understanding of what we can do to remove barriers for disabled people.

Charly Richardson | CEO – Lewisham Music

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