Hiring Disabled Employees: 5 Reasons You Should

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We all agree that everyone has an equal right employment. For years, employers have maintained low expectations when it comes to hiring disabled employees. As a result, the workforce of disabled people is greatly underutilised. According to one statistic, there are currently 1.2 million disabled people in the UK who are available for and want to work. Thankfully, due to spreading… Continue Reading Hiring Disabled Employees: 5 Reasons You Should

How To Talk About Disability

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Where to Start with Disability Language I think so much of what prevents society and business engaging with disabled people is down to a lack of confidence with the language.  It could seem to an onlooker that the language surrounding disability is complicated and inflammatory and therefore sometimes, easier to avoid having a conversation altogether than potentially making a mistake and… Continue Reading How To Talk About Disability

I Did Something for Disability Inclusion

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I have a question.  Is it ok to be 50% disability inclusive? I think disability inclusion is an essential factor of presenting and hosting events. The other day I attended an event where the speaker displayed a video with no dialogue.  Instead of dialogue, the message was displayed in text. This video was about 5 minutes long.  I mentioned to the speaker afterwards… Continue Reading I Did Something for Disability Inclusion

[INFOGRAPHIC] Recruiting Disabled People Into The Workplace

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Field of Dreams You know that saying “if you build it, they will come”? Well it’s not true! I hate to break it to you.  The lucky few (and I mean the very few) seem to have everything fall at their feet but the majority of us, we have to work to make things happen.  The same can be said for… Continue Reading [INFOGRAPHIC] Recruiting Disabled People Into The Workplace

[INFOGRAPHIC] 8 Benefits of Disability Awareness & Inclusion

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There are many ways to ensure that you are being inclusive of disabled people. Whether it be recruiting for a new position or welcoming people into a service.  One such way is to receive support in the form of training.  Training can be helpful in many ways.  When it comes to training in the disability sector, there is nothing more beneficial… Continue Reading [INFOGRAPHIC] 8 Benefits of Disability Awareness & Inclusion