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Accessible Online Events – 6 Quick & Easy Tips

In This Blog: Ensuring you are always hosting accessible online events will support participants to feel engaged, welcome and included regardless of their access requirement. Quick links Meet access requirements Support participants to feel confident to engage Mute yourself when you’re not talking Share screen and slide decks Consider captions You don’t need to have all the answers  Remote working… Continue Reading Accessible Online Events – 6 Quick & Easy Tips

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Assistive Technology in the Workplace

In This Blog: Assistive technology consists of systems and equipment; including physical devices and software. They are designed to maintain or increase performance for disabled people. Disabled people in the UK face disproportionately high unemployment rates, with 53% unemployed compared to only 23% of non-disabled people. Looking to leadership positions, the situation is even more stark – a survey of… Continue Reading Assistive Technology in the Workplace

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Disability Inclusion – I Did Something

In this blog: When promoting disability inclusion, it’s important to be consider as many factors as possible. Here are some tips to get you started. Quick Links: Planning for the majority Captioning services Think about access requirements Looking deeper Setting the standard I have a question.  Is it ok to be 50% disability inclusive? I think disability inclusion is an… Continue Reading Disability Inclusion – I Did Something

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How To Make Your Business More Accessible

When you break down the term ‘accessibility’, you get the most straightforward definition in the word – the ‘ability’ to ‘access’. It doesn’t specifically refer to only disabled people – although most of the time it is assumed so. Accessible design is about creating a world that everyone can easily access, whether this is a public swimming pool or 50th-floor… Continue Reading How To Make Your Business More Accessible

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An Unexpected Trip

Where My Journey Begins…. I recently attended an event in London. The details about where the event was held were quite sketchy.  Once I arrived at the event, I realised that this was because the event was internal and therefore probably didn’t need to be more specific.  I arrived at the place where the event was held to be told that it… Continue Reading An Unexpected Trip