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Communication in the workplace for disabled people

Disabled employees do not want to be treated ‘differently’ to others.

However, if other members of the team do not understand how best to communicate or an employee with a disability feels inhibited in communicating his or her needs, problems can arise.

There are several ways in which an employee with a disability can be supported to provide a solution. All of the options available will generally include good communication skills as a key element.

The benefits of good communication at work for disabled people: 

  • The advantages of good communication in the workplace about disability issues, are widespread.

  • Businesses, organisations and individuals will all gain from better awareness of needs, and a sense of enlightenment, resulting from the learning experience.

  • By working alongside managers, with their colleagues and employees, to implement positive changes, advice and guidance about best communication around disability can be provided in an uplifting, informative way.

  • Access to a support network of experienced professionals

  • Disability at work coaching, disability mediation and disability awareness training are all great tools to help alleviate mental and physical stress, isolation and lowered time management for disabled people at work

  • Increased levels of self-esteem, confidence, an ability to sustain work at optimum standard and take less time off, are all excellent benefits of having good communication strategies about disability issues, which can be a sensitive topic.

Teamwork spirit

When there is effective communication with a person with disability at work, the emotional support it provides gives a sense of empowerment as well as independence. This helps to create a more inclusive working environment with a more upbeat, diverse and cohesive workforce. Members of an organisation will feel relaxed, working alongside one another in a stronger, united team.

Support for a disabled member of your workforce

You can also discover some of the financial assistance that is available for disability workplace adjustments and adaptations.

By supporting people with a disability in a working environment, it allows them to become more fulfilled at work and feeling at ease. This leads to an atmosphere of contentment for all employees as well as for management. Increased harmony will also transmit to higher staff performance.

A recognised force

As a result, organisations often report increased productivity, and positive customer or public recognition for the company.

There are several ways in which an employee with a disability can be supported. Disability at work coaching is led by trainers with knowledge and experience of disability issues and best working practice.

Ryan Compton – Director of Centre for Resolution

Ryan currently works across the public, private and third sectors, providing coaching, mediation, training and disability support. In its essence Ryan supports organisations in being inclusive, accessible and helps them to maximise performance within individuals and teams. Ryan’s passion and expertise are in communication, equality and diversity and he brings this to those he works with. Centre for Resolution is based in Worcestershire but provides services across the UK. For more information about Centre for Resolution’s disability services please visit their website. They also have a Facebook Group called Everything Disability that you may wish to join, where best practice and knowledge is shared about disability. Email: Telephone: 01905 21717

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