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Celebrating Disability disability awareness speakers

Passionate, engaging and relatable speakers.  Our disability awareness speakers have the ability to bring theories of disability equality and disability inclusion to life.

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A disability inclusive culture. Signpost representing different directions to reach different destinations

When starting out or continuing your disability inclusion journey, it can be hard to know where to start. This is because developing a culture where disabled people feel included, valued and supported is not a straightforward, linear path. There are many subtleties that need to be considered.

Supporting your workforce and stakeholders to understand where you are, what you’re doing and most importantly, why you’re doing it, will enable you to develop trust and rapport. This strategy is imperative when defining your goal and deciding your next step.   This step can also support when thinking about any disability awareness training you may commission.

Internal workplace events can also provide a platform for disabled employees and disability allies around your organisation to share experiences in a safe, supportive environment.

Clients who have benefited from a Celebrating Disability talk have included:

Biogen, Siemens, Elexon, Zettle by PayPal, Three, Heathrow, Carita Anchor House, HCC, Pepper Global, Risk Solutions Group & Housing Solutions.

Tailoring a Talk to Your Requirements

Although the layout and format may be replicated, every talk is tailored to deliver specific content to your outcomes.  Celebrating Disability will work with you and your disability awareness speaker to discover what those outcomes are and who ensure they work towards your goals of disability inclusion.  Themes of talks can also vary depending on awareness levels of participants who will be attending and desired engagement for and as a result of the event.

In the past, popular topics of talks have included:

  • Barriers presented to disabled people
  • Diversity of disability
  • Being a disability ally
  • Business as usual disability inclusion strategies

Generally, Celebrating Disability utilise three main styles when delivering talks.  However, if you have the specific in mind, we would love to discuss. The main styles we use when delivering talks are discussed below.

Talk with Q&A

This style would involve the host doing the majority of the talking.  Typically, a style of talk such as this would include around 40 minutes of content and 15/20 minutes worth of questions and answers.
During the talk, participants will have an opportunity to participate in “ask and respond” interactions.

Guided Conversation

Enabling opportunities to share experiences of barriers faced by disabled people and people with caring responsibilities within your organisation.
Guided conversations can enable disability allies to have a developed understanding of the set of barriers faced by disabled people and people with caring responsibilities.  As a result, the learnings from these conversations support workplaces to develop strategies and open the door to dialogue.

Fireside Chat

Fireside chats are a good way to start the conversation when this is your first entry into disability inclusion.
These talks are pure Q&A sessions. Often, the host will support the client to decide the overall topic up for discussion.  The host can then give a five minute intro into the topic.
The rest of the session is then dedicated to answering any questions that attendees and participants have.  As a result of the session, clients will have a deeper understanding of the pain points experienced by employees.

Esi is very knowledgeable about disability and she was able to express complex ideas in an easy to understand way.

Desmond, M | Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

NPS Score


Disability Awareness Speakers in Action

A selection of recordings of disability awareness talks presented by our disability awareness speakers.

Please note that all videos have subtitles.

After delivering a disability awareness talk around disability inclusion in the workplace, Burges Salmon LLP invited Esi to record a conversation around what workplaces can do to implement a disability inclusive culture.

Ray Vernon, owner of MySokoni, interviewed Esi on a couple of occasions for his vimeo channel. They talked about the importance of language and etiquette, the barriers to networking as a wheelchair user and the social model of disability.

EvenBreak – the inclusive recruitment website asked Esi to share her experiences in their promotional video.

I just wanted to say thank you. You are such an engaging speaker… From our first conversation at the D&I event, I came away with admiration and thinking not only how intelligent but also how articulate you are. You are such an effortless storyteller and then to see you hold the room at the away day in a manner that you did left me (and many of my other colleagues) with an even greater feeling of awe!

Azad Batth | Heathrow Airport

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