Disability Awareness Training

For Businesses, Charities & Non-Profit Organisations.

Inclusion Equals Business Growth

Workplaces that support inclusion of disabled people can be essential to a happy, productive workforce. Did you know that under the Equality Act 2010, an employer cannot ask about an individual’s disability?

This is true of an employee in the workplace and of a candidate at recruitment stage. Knowing how to ask the right questions will ensure the individual receives the necessary support and feels that the business cares about their wellbeing.

The training sessions we have developed are designed to support your employees to get a good handle on disability awareness. This is important as your employees are more often than not the ones that will be working face-to-face with disabled people, whether those  disabled people are employees of your business or customers looking to buy a product or service.

Whilst all our training sessions are tailored to your specific goals and needs, the examples listed below are the most popular sessions that cover topics most businesses would like to know more about.

When you choose a Celebrating Disability training package, you can expect the following:

  •     Conversation about your goals and outcomes
  •     Tailored training session
  •     Trainer with lived experience of disability
  •     Handouts to complement the learning
  •     Half page summary of outcomes and recommendations

Disability Awareness Training Supports Inclusion

Whether you are looking for group disability awareness training for your team, a one-to-one session for an individual employee or disability sessions over lunchtime, we can help.

All disability awareness training sessions are in house and designed to be interactive (even when delivering a talk). We cover many topics from general disability awareness to specific sessions on recruiting disabled employees. Our belief is that by creating interactive sessions, we can offer delegates in the room opportunities to discuss what they are learning. This ensures any new theories and ideas are relevant to the people in the room.  Learn more about our disability awareness training in the workplace delivery style in our blog.

We use the following practices to aid learning:

  • Group work
  • Discussion-based exercises
  • Real life case studies
  • Lived experience examples
  • Games and quizzes

We ideally like to run sessions that last between half a day to one day to ensure that all of the information needed can be communicated and digested. Due to the fact that our sessions are interactive, we prefer to run sessions for no more than 15 delegates at once.

The content within these workshops is designed to arm businesses with the necessary tools to engage, retain and value disabled employees and customers. With these you can continue your journey to creating a business that is inclusive for disabled people.

As part of the training offering, you will receive a detailed summary report of your disability awareness training sessions. The report includes:

  • Verbatim quotes from delegates
  • Consolidated feedback responses
  • Easy to access PDF

All of which enables you to clearly articulate the ROI.

So, when you're ready to talk about the content in your disability awareness workshop, we'd love to chat about how we can work together to reach your goals.

Celebrating Disability is able to host a variety of training sessions for a variety of outcomes. However, we have found the sessions below to be very popular.

We also offer audits and consultancy support.  To find out more, click here.

Esi puts you at ease immediately on her training courses, due to the fact that she is down to earth and makes you feel that no questions are off limits
Michelle Duncan - Hampshire County Council

General Disability Awareness Training Session

Ideal For: Front facing customer service, care professionals, charities.

This disability awareness workshop offers delegates an overview of disability awareness and equality. After attending the session, delegates should be able to confidently suggest practical solutions to implement to create inclusion in their workplace.

The session will offer an overview of the following:

• Social Model of Disability
• Language and Etiquette
• Barriers faced by disabled people
• What disability is and isn't


Front of House Training Session

Ideal For: Customer-facing Staff, Marketing and Communication

Front of House training to support employees to feel confident and competent when welcoming disabled visitors, guests and clients into your organisation.

This session will offer an understanding of barriers that disabled customers face.  We will then, as a group think about practical solutions that are in line with your business' values and your environment.

Additional Features:

  • Language and Etiquette
  • Offering Extra Support
  • Confidence Building

How To Talk About Disability Training Session

Ideal For: Marketers, Sales, Retail, Hospitality

A comprehensive look at the language surrounding disability. Delegates will leave with an understanding of the difference between inclusive language and political correctness.

​This session will be ideal for anyone looking to write content that will engage and attract disabled people. A valuable disability awareness training session to develop confidence when interacting with disabled people.

Additional Features:

  • Background to disability related language
  • Alternative terms and phrases
  • Developing confidence to engage with disabled people

Disability In Recruitment Training Session

Ideal For: Human Resources,  Recruiters, Line Managers, Senior and Executive Management

The session offers guidance and tools to ensure end to end inclusion and access to the recruitment process for every candidate who is interested in applying for a role.  It gives an insight into the barriers faced by disabled people entering employment.

Additional Features:

  • Content to Attract Disabled Candidates
  • Reasonable Adjustments in Interviewing Process
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Supporting Disabled Employees Training Session

Ideal For: Line Managers, Human Resources

In order to successfully support a disabled person in the workplace, colleagues and managers must first feel confident.  This often comes with a developed awareness of disability, understanding of the resources available and an inclusive workplace culture.  This will create disability inclusion in the workplace - creating an inclusive environment for everyone.

This session offers useful advice and guidance to managers to make the above a reality.  Aiding them to confidently and competently support a disabled employee to succeed.

Additional Features:

  • External Resources Available to Disabled People and Employers
  • Creating a Workplace Culture Inclusive of Disabled People
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Get ready for a fun and informative training session

One-to-One Training

Ideal For: Individuals and team leaders

Whilst it would always be recommended that a training session for the entire team would be beneficial, we understand that this is not always possible and that sometimes you may need to train a single member of staff. In this instance, we offer a 2.5 hour training session for your employee. This can be delivered face-to-face or via online conferencing software.

All of the sessions listed above as well as bespoke sessions specific to your needs are available on a one-to-one basis.

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Talks and Panels

Talks and discussions are never a one size fits all and are tailored with your audience’s knowledge level in mind.

Popular Subjects Include:

  • Disability in the Workplace
  • Closing the Disability Employment Gap
  • The Importance of Language
  • Supporting a Disabled Person at Work
  • Accessibility in Retail
  • Promoting Independent Living, Choice and Control in Care
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Link & Learn

A great way to get all your employees in one place at the same time, to share ideas, to meet new people and just spread the word of disability inclusion. Creating bite-size sessions where colleagues have the opportunity to collaborate while eating lunch, Celebrating Disability will facilitate guided discussions to support the development of that inclusive culture.

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Need More Info?

 Training Sessions / Talks & Panels / Consultancy Services / Holistic Audits

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How Disability Awareness Training Benefits You

Between April and June 2017, there were 3.5 million disabled people in the workplace. Only around 10% of disability is physical, so the likelihood of employing disabled people in your workplace without realising is high. Many disabled people do not disclose their disability due to fear of repercussion or simply not knowing how to initiate the conversation.

Disabled people as employees

Disabled people who feel secure in the workplace will take less sick days, are more likely to engage and will become ambassadors for your business. By building a truly inclusive workplace culture, you will be a step closer to ensuring that the above happens.

Our workshops explore these areas and provide insight so that your business can implement strategies that will welcome and support disabled people in your workplace.

Disabled people as customers

It is virtually impossible to support a disabled person to feel welcome if the person in charge of this does not feel comfortable interacting. If they are too concerned about the language they are using, whether they are offending or if they should ask somebody if they need help, they will never get past “Hello”.

These training sessions will support staff to know what to say, how to say it and what to do. Most importantly, staff will be given insight into how to come up with solutions to barriers that prevent disabled people from doing what they would like to do.

Our trainers all have lived experience of disability along with business experience in a variety of sectors. Our workshops are interactive sessions where participants can explore and develop their own thinking.

Often what prevents true inclusion for disabled people is a lack of awareness, a fear of saying the wrong thing and misinterpreted perceptions. The workshops we deliver aim to tackle these barriers with discussion, group exercises, and expert knowledge.

To ensure learning from workshops is carried back to the workplace, delegates are also encouraged to set goals.

The Truth About Inclusion In The Workplace

We are inclusive but disabled people don’t apply to our roles

Chances are, you are not that inclusive if disabled people are not applying for your roles.

With 1 in 5 people in the UK having a disability, disabled people are looking for work.

With the correct support and encouragement, your disabled employee is less likely to move on and more likely to be a strong, productive asset for your business.

We’ve never had any disability related complaints.

Did you know that 91% of people who are unhappy with a service will not complain.

Instead, they will simply go to your competitor.

Disability or non-disability doesn’t have an affect on my business. We have employees of all diversities.

That’s brilliant! But there are barriers that disabled people face on a daily basis that if not recognised, may prohibit that person from participating equally.

Understanding some of those barriers will ensure that your diverse workforce is also a valuable workforce.

We don’t have time/money to tailor things for disabled people.

Actually only 4% of reasonable adjustments (adjustments to support a disabled person in the workplace) have a cost implication.

The majority of adjustments that a person requires can be sourced for free.

For those adjustments that do have a cost implication there are funding streams available for the employer.

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Want To Know More About Our Disability Workshops?

Celebrating Disability have a variety of packages designed to explore these issues so that your business is equipped with the tools necessary to engage, welcome and support disabled people in your workplace. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.