Disability Awareness Training

Online & face-to-face disability awareness training for businesses and not-for-profit organisations

Inclusion Equals Business Growth

Workplaces that support inclusion of disabled people can be essential to a happy, productive workforce. Did you know that under the Equality Act 2010, an employer cannot ask about an individual’s disability?

This is true of an employee in the workplace and of a candidate at recruitment stage. Knowing how to ask the right questions will ensure the individual receives the necessary support and feels that the business cares about their wellbeing.

The training sessions we have developed are designed to support your employees to get a good handle on disability awareness. This is important as your employees are more often than not the ones that will be working face-to-face with disabled people, whether those  disabled people are employees of your business or customers looking to buy a product or service.

Whilst all our training sessions are tailored to your specific goals and needs, the examples listed below are the most popular sessions that cover topics most businesses would like to know more about.

When you choose a Celebrating Disability training package, you can expect the following:

Conversation about your goals and outcomes

Tailored training sessions

Trainer with lived experience of disability

Handouts to complement the learning

Half page summary of outcomes and recommendations

A very accessible session that gave me a lot of food for thought. Attending the session has given me the tools to start implementing changes into my work straight away to ensure we are being more inclusive.

Chloe Cupid | The Virtual Training Team

NPS Score


A Personalised Approach to Disability Awareness Training

Tailored content

Content for sessions is tailored after a conversation with you to understand your needs. With these needs in mind, we can develop content that is relevant and implementable within your organisation.

Outcome focused

Our sessions are outcome focused and as such, we will ensure that we work with you to meet your desired outcomes for the disability awareness training. Don’t worry, we’ll work with you to find out what these are.

Data gathering

It’s helpful to define any next steps that can be taken as a result of learning new skills and information. We can help you track data to clarify any next steps that can be taken. This can be done through benchmarking, anonymous feedback, pledge follow-ups.

Person centred approach

At Celebrating Disability, we are the experts in our field. However, we want to make sure that our training is engaging and tangible. Therefore, we encourage and provide opportunities for discussion, debate and reflection from our participants.

Disability lead

All trainers have lived experience of disability. Therefore, all concepts and discussions are relatable and tangible to the barriers that disabled people face on a daily basis.

The Impact of our Training

Between February 2021 and February 2022, we delivered:


training sessions & talks



at least

delegates participated

We want to ensure your disability awareness training session is as valuable as possible to you and your delegates. We offer a bespoke benchmarking survey to track levels of confidence and understanding before and after sessions. As well as enabling you to track the success and ROI of any training, our benchmarking assessment tool offers a clear and transparent way to define the next steps. Please read our blog on the importance of setting goals and tips for where to start.

We took statistics from three clients for whom we carried out assessments whilst delivering training sessions:

Moneybox App, The Social Innovation Partnership and Historic England



feedback forms

Our Style

Training sessions are interactive in nature.  When exploring an evocative subject such as disability, it is important that delegates feel confident to share ideas, concerns and biases.  As, when exploration is shared, ideas for implementation of strategy can begin to be formed.

Our Delivery

Many different delivery methods are utilised.   Interaction is a priority whilst taking into account learning styles and access requirements.  To learn more about how we ensure access requirements are covered, read this blog.

We Role Model Behaviours

The lead trainer; Esi Hardy has a physical disability herself.  Therefore, she has her own access requirements that need to be considered.  Consideration of access requirements is a top priority in any training session. We offer many options to mitigate barriers to engagement due to access requirements.

Disability Awareness Training Supports Inclusion

For us, disability awareness training isn’t just about developing an awareness of disability, it’s about using that awareness to understand how to be more inclusive of disabled people.  We do this by supporting our delegates to feel confident and knowledgeable about the barriers that disabled people face and then developing skills to find solutions to these barriers.  This way, we can support your employees, associates and colleagues to be confident and competent when engaging and supporting disabled people.

Whether you are looking for group disability awareness training for your team, a one-to-one session for an individual employee or disability sessions over lunchtime, Celebrating Disability can help.

When considering your training needs, this blog “Disability Awareness Training: What’s Your Goal?” may support you in this process.

We have found the sessions below to be very popular

If you don’t see the session you are looking for, we can work with you to develop tailored content for your needs.

Public Disability Awareness Session hosted by Celebrating Disability

General Disability Awareness training session offers delegates an overview of disability awareness and equality

Students at Andover College devising inclusive spaces with Esi Hardy

Accessible & Inclusive Events training session to ensure implementation of accessible events

Celebrating Disability developing strategies with Surrey Police with people in the workplace

Hiring Disabled People training session offers guidance and tools to ensure end to end inclusion and access to the recruitment process.

Public Disability Awareness Session hosted by Celebrating Disability

Supporting Disabled Employees training session looks at developing your inclusive culture that influences everyday structures.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace Training

In the UK, it’s estimated that as many as 1 in 7 people have some form of neurodiversity – an umbrella term which encompasses many different conditions and differences including autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and Tourette’s Syndrome, among others.

Though our pan-disability approach means that all of our training sessions and talks address neurodiversity, our Neurodiversity in the Workplace training offers a much more detailed understanding of the topic. Often, neurodivergent employees have specific needs, and face different barriers to other disabled people. Our training encourages you to embrace neurodiversity and to reframe it – not as a problem, but as an asset.

Link & Learn

Celebrating Disability provide a diverse range of disability awareness activities in the workplace.

Relevant information contained in any of our disability training sessions can also be developed as Link & Learn.  Creating bite-size sessions where colleagues have the opportunity to collaborate while eating lunch, Celebrating Disability will facilitate guided discussions to support the development of that inclusive culture.

Want To Know More About Celebrating Disability Disability Awareness Training?

Celebrating Disability have a variety of packages designed to explore these issues so that your business is equipped with the tools necessary to engage, welcome and support disabled people in your workplace. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.