Main Overview

Did you know that at least 15% of the UK population is neurodivergent?

Over the last few years, neurodiversity has become a hot topic. More and more people are seeking diagnoses, and there is an urgent need for a conversation about neurodiversity in the workplace. There are still too many misconceptions about neurodiversity. For one, people often think the term is a synonym for autism. In reality, it’s an umbrella term that encompasses many different conditions and differences, including autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and Tourette’s Syndrome, among others. This is why we are offering a Neurodiversity in the Workplace training session.

Often, neurodiversity is invisible, and so too are many of the barriers faced by people who are autistic or neurodiverse. In our friendly, interactive half-day training session, we will guide you through some of the barriers that neurodivergent people can face in the workplace. We will provide examples of reasonable adjustments or accommodations that can make your workplace a more comfortable and productive environment for neurodivergent employees. Most importantly, we will equip you with confidence so you can leave our session with an excellent understanding of neurodiversity and the know-how to support your neurodivergent employees and colleagues.

During our interactive sessions, delegates are encouraged to participate and reassured that there is “no such thing as a silly question.” Our trainers, who have lived experience of disability, will put you at ease and answer any questions, such as: Is neurodiversity the same as autism? Or does it mean ADHD? Is one person neurodivergent? Or neurodiverse? How can I support my neurodivergent colleagues? And wait – could I be neurodivergent?

Our sessions are often called a “safe space”, – and you can see more of what our clients have to say in our testimonials or case studies.

Every session is outcome-focused and tailored to the needs of your workplace. Ahead of the session, we will sit down with you to understand your specific goals and desired outcomes. This ensures that after our training, you will leave with steps you can put immediately into action.

Session Details

Length:  Half Day

Size:  Maximum 20 delegates.

Venue:  sessions can be delivered virtually or in person.

As a result of this session, delegates will learn the following:


  • Understand what neurodiversity means
  • Discuss how day-to-day situations create barriers
  • Devise ways  to mitigate barriers in the workplace
  • Articulate legislation to protect autistic people in the workplace

Neurodiversity is not a problem to be solved, but a valuable asset to your workplace culture. To find out how you can embrace neurodiversity in your workplace, book a call with us today to discuss your goals.

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