Main Overview

After successfully hiring disabled candidates into your workplace, it is imperative that they feel supported and part of the workplace culture.  This will encourage disabled people to stay, promote you to others and to innovate on behalf of the organisation.  At Celebrating Disability, we refer to this as “Business As Usual”.

The reason we refer to it as this is that we believe there shouldn’t be a separate process for disability inclusion.  It should be part of the everyday processes to ensure inclusion of all your employees.  As over 80% of disabled people acquire a disability in adult life, it is imperative to create a culture where regardless of disability, people feel able to talk to peers and line managers.

Within this disability training session we will explore the strategies that can be implemented to ensure disabled people have the right support at the right time.  Looking particularly at line manager support, retention and promotion and employee engagement.

Often, when organisations and businesses are designing staff perks and benefits, disabled employees can miss out because accessibility is not always thought about.  As part of this session, we will explore ways to be mindful of the requirements of the whole employee community.

All Celebrating Disability training sessions are interactive in style.  Designed to never be “death by PowerPoint”, delegates will be encouraged to engage and participate in conversation.  Esi encourages delegates to ask questions throughout and adopts a “no question is a silly question” approach.

In order to embed learning, tailored fictional case study scenario based exercises will be used to ensure ideas presented are tangible and realistic.

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Session Details

Length:  Half Day

Size:  Maximum 20 delegates.

Venue:  sessions can be delivered virtually or in person.

As a result of this session, delegates will learn the following:


  • Understand reasonable adjustments and how to communicate them
  • How to develop open dialogues for disabled employees to talk and ask for support
  • Develop accessible communication processes
  • Explore what a disability inclusive culture looks like for your organisation

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