Disability Consultancy

Working with you to develop your disability inclusive workplace culture.

"Esi has been a great help with advice and guidance on how to work with the disabled community. Not only has she helped us understand some of the issues facing disabled people but suggest solutions on how to bridge the gap between communities.

The information Esi provides will help us with plans to work with and employ disabled people and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for professional advice and consultancy on inclusion and equality."

Ray Vernon - MySokoni
Ray Vernon - client of Celebrating Disability Disability Consultancy

Main Overview

Writing policies and equality statements are only one step towards the inclusive workplace you desire.

At Celebrating Disability when we provide disability consultancy to an organisation, we understand that none of us have all the answers.  Simply because all organisations and or workforces a different.

The first step is to understand why; why you are developing your strategies.  Why it is important to your workplace to be disability inclusive.

The Top 50 Inclusive UK Companies all share this in common; they all understand the reasons why they want to achieve inclusion.  Celebrating Disability will work with you to understand your why.  If possible, by harnessing and listening to as many voices from across your workplace as possible.

From recruitment all the way through to succession and everything in between.  Disability awareness, inclusion and accessibility are not standalone projects, they need to be embedded alongside each other with equal priority to ensure true inclusion.

We will support you to ensure that disability inclusion can be firmly and meaningfully embedded within your workplace; whether you are starting with a specific workstream in mind or are looking to embed disability inclusion systemically throughout the workforce.  Celebrating Disability can work with you to ensure every disabled person can have an experience equal to any other person your organisation interacts with.

By working with you to understand your processes and areas of concern, we can create a strategy that supports your goals.  Through disability awareness, we can support your employees to successfully implement disability inclusion into your workplace.  Together we can ensure that your business is armed with the tools needed to confidently and competently engage with and recognise disabled people as valuable business assets.

Disability Consultancy Details

Here are just a selection of example priorities and projects our disability consultants can support with:

Disability Inclusive Cultures

Many organisations are working to achieve cultures that are inclusive of all.   Ensuring that employees can "bring their whole selves to work".  This in turn, supports organisations to develop, innovate and be a destination organisation for many candidates.

This is also true of disabled employees and disabled candidates.   However, due to restrictions in access and many misunderstood barriers faced by disabled people, developing a culture that is also inclusive of disabled people takes extra knowledge and consideration.

For example, the biases faced by disabled candidates and employees coupled with a lack of awareness of physical barriers mean that disabled employees in candidates are quite often at a disadvantage when it comes to being part of that workplace culture, promotion opportunities, employee engagement and much more.

Celebrating Disability intrinsically understands not only the barriers but processes that can be implemented to mitigate these.  A culture that is inclusive of disabled people as a culture that is inclusive of everyone.  Part of creating this culture of inclusion is ensuring that every employee understands why and what is happening in order to support, champion an advocate for each other.

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Recruitment & Induction

Whilst disabled people may want to apply for the roles you are recruiting for, there are often unidentified barriers that prevent disabled candidates from successfully completing an application process.  In order to ensure the best candidates are able to show off their skills and talents, you want to ensure that you are doing everything possible to remove the barriers that prevent a candidate having the opportunity.

We would like to help you ensure this is a reality.   Through our disability consultancy, we offer:

  • Insight and strategic direction to overcome the barriers for disabled people to the recruitment process
  • Support to develop these processes throughout the organisation
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Policies & Processes

It's true that policies and processes alone cannot ensure inclusion of disabled people.  However, once you have built your inclusive structures that ensure disabled people feel valued and part of the workplace community, it is helpful to document these.  These can be used as a referral point and also as a reference point as to how far you have come.

Many employees find it beneficial to be able to read and refer to policies in their own time.  Not forgetting that many disabled people acquire their disability during their career, having policies obtainable and accessible to all will support employees to know what support will be available to them, if and when they need it.

As part of the support we will offer you when creating your policies and procedures, we can help with:

  • Ensuring accessible communication methods
  • Reasonable adjustment strategies that follow Equality Act 2010 legislation
  • Development of disability awareness that will support inclusive policies
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We have many articles on steps that you can take to start you on your journey to being disability inclusive within your organisation.

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