Disability Access Audits

Supporting businesses and not-for-profits understand how to improve accessibility for disabled people

Improving Accessibility for Disabled People

What experience does a disabled customer or employee have when entering your building and using the facilities? Is the interaction between your staff and a disabled customer a satisfying and rewarding experience for both?

Many businesses fall into the trap of thinking that if they are meeting Disability Equality Legislation,  they are accessible for disabled people. This is not always the case as, just because your building may have a lift, does not mean your potential disabled customers feel welcome.

Just because one part of your building has a list and an accessible toilet, doesn't mean your building is fully accessible.  Your employees need to have the confidence to know how to talk to disabled people without any associated embarrassment or awkwardness.

You need to make sure that you’re disabled customers and employees can access all your information so that everyone is up-to-date with the information you would like them to have.  That way, every when certain limitations prevent you from being 100% accessible, disabled people will still want to engage with you.

Celebrating Disability offers a friendly and informative service, which I would encourage all Basingstoke companies to embrace. As a hotel, we have many areas to navigate and Esi did so with confidence and showed great knowledge
Paul Fearon - General Manager, Apollo Hotel

Why Inclusion Audits Are Important

When a disabled customer is comfortable in your venue and can comfortably use all the facilities, you are more likely to sustain them for a long period of time. In turn, they will tell their friends and family about the great experience they had at your venue.

Equally, when hiring disabled people, you need to ensure they can access every part of your recruitment process. Once employed, they need to access every area of your organisation.

Being an inclusive business or organisation is an almost universal necessity and with today's climate, it can be costly to ignore. By creating a more inclusive business or organisation that truly understands and caters for the needs of disabled people, you are ensuring that you have the right foundations for growth moving forward.

Celebrating Disability Inclusion Audits

Our auditing services are designed to support businesses at all stages of their disability inclusive journey. Sometimes the hardest step is knowing where to start. With a Celebrating Disability audit in hand, you can stop wondering and start doing.

A few examples of where our audits can provide clarity:

  • Physical Premises
  • Communication Methods
  • Customer & Employee Experience
  • Values & Intent
  • Online Content

When you know that changes need to happen but not quite sure where to start, we have the solution.

The barriers presented to disabled people can at times, be complex.  Clients have found that having a Disability Training Session alongside an Audit helpful.

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