Disability Access & Inclusion Audits

Supporting businesses and not-for-profits improve inclusion and accessibility for disabled people

When you know that changes need to happen but not quite sure where to start, we have the solution

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Audits To Complement Disability Awareness Training

The disability awareness training sessions are really good but the limitations of training is that specific areas cannot always be covered due to the time allotted.

This disability access and inclusion audit package complements a lot of the training that is offered through Celebrating Disability.  Allowing time for a thorough inspection of the specific areas of your business that could benefit from development of disability inclusion.

It's true that when a disabled person feels valued within an organisation, they are likely to remain for a long period of time, take less sick days and be more productive.  However, in order for this to be a reality, a disabled employee must feel welcome within your organisation.  Whilst some barriers such as physical access can be obvious for some people to see, many of the other barriers are subtle. These barriers can include:

  • Bias held by employees
  • Structural norms carried out by the organisation
  • Impacts of the external environment

The disability access and inclusion audit will support your organisation to maintain a culture that supports disabled people feel valued, included and welcome.

With our audits, you will receive unlimited access to expertise that will support your organisation ensure inclusion of disabled people.  Whether they be external clients and customers or internal employees.

The disability access and inclusion audit will cover the following:

  • Audit of your physical premises
  • Observing key businesses processes including operations, HRM and marketing

A detailed report with recommendations on implementation of disability inclusion in your organisation.  Including the following areas:

  • Your physical premises
  • Organisational policies
  • Staff confidence and competence
  • Website and written material for attracting disabled candidates

It's one thing to meet the minimum standards set out in the Equality Act 2010.  It's quite another thing understand the needs of disabled people


Celebrating Disability Inclusion Audits

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The recommendations made in the disability access and inclusion audit report can sometimes be complex.   Clients have found having support from our disability consultancy to implement recommendations beneficial.

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The Difference Between Disability Awareness, Inclusion & Equality

What is awareness

Awareness relates to the developing knowledge that disabled people are everywhere. It also helps us to understand the barriers that are faced by disabled people

What is inclusion

Inclusion builds on awareness and the knowledge that disabled people are everywhere. It takes what we know about the barriers that surround disabled people and explores why the barriers are there in the first place. It then looks at how we can overcome these barriers and what solutions can be put in place so that disabled people can be active members of the world around them

What is equality

Equality is about ensuring that disabled people have equal access to everything non-disabled people have access to and that disability is never a barrier to involvement and inclusion

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