Disability Inclusion Consultancy & Audits

Providing guidance to enable your disability inclusion goals to become reality

Disability inclusion consulting is an essential element one identifying the steps to develop that disability-inclusive culture. 

Disability inclusion consulting enables the important questions has to be asked to understand how to reach your disability inclusion goal:

Starting by asking why and what: 

  • Why are we doing this?  Why is this imperative to our values?
  • What is it we want to achieve?  What do we need to do to get there?  

Once we have asked these questions, the steps to achieve this goal will become clearer.

The Top 50 Inclusive UK Companies all share this in common: understanding the reasons why they want to achieve inclusion.  Celebrating Disability will work with you to understand your why.  If possible, by harnessing and listening to as many voices from across your workplace as possible.

Disability Inclusion Consulting 

Celebrating Disability provides consultancy for workplaces looking to make these steps. Working at your pace, we will guide the conversation, enabling you to find the answers you’re looking for. This can be a specific upcoming event. Or to improve a specific operational activity to become more inclusive of disabled people. 

We provided disability inclusion consulting to Rape Crisis England & Wales. They had previously identified that they could benefit from consultancy to ensure their annual conference for Women became more inclusive. They gained this insight after surveying members from the previous Conference.  Over 10 months, Celebrating Disability provided support, training and ongoing advice to the organisation to support when planning, provide resources and support before and after the event, and ask specific questions to gather feedback on what could be improved in the area of disability inclusion. 

Disability Inclusion Audits 

Our disability inclusion audits provide an opportunity to review current practices and documentation.  By talking to key stakeholders, surveying current employees, and reviewing policies and internal and external content, we will provide an organisation with a report.  The report will detail what is working well and where improvements could be made (alongside information on how it can be improved). And a table of recommended priorities for improvement and implementation.  

After you have had an opportunity to read through your priorities, we can then deliver a training session based on those priorities to help you think about how you want the implement. Read about our disability inclusion training sessions by clicking here.

To date, we have provided the following organisations with reports and recommendations supporting them to improve their disability-inclusive culture:  such as Kin + Carta, the Big Life Group, and Wimbledon Guild.  To see what other clients have said about working with us, click here to read some of our testimonials. 

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