Celebrating Disability In The Media

Here you will find examples of the talks, publications and shows Esi has participated in as a disability speaker. Speaking passionately and with authority on the numerous barriers to disability inclusion whilst offering practical solutions.

Conference Speaker, Discussion Host, Radio Slot, Podcast Guest, Panelist

An expert in disability awareness and inclusion, Esi is recognised and valued for her contribution.  A natural, eloquent and entertaining speaker.  Are you looking for a speaker at your next event?

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Women’s Equality Party Basingstoke

Esi featured on the Women’s Equality Party Basingstoke’s podcast as an interviewee. Talking to Stacy about all things work and disability related, gender, ethnicity and equality.

Mind Your Own Business

While networking in May 2017, Esi met Amelia Bishop and they spoke about disability awareness and inclusion in the workplace and specifically, ways in which businesses can be more inclusive towards disabled people.

As a result, Amelia invited Esi onto her Swindon radio show “Mind Your Own Business” to talk about the work Celebrating Disability does and how businesses can support disabled people.

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PossAbility TV

Ray Vernon, owner of MySokoni, interviewed Esi on a couple of occasions for his vimeo channel. They talked about the importance of language and etiquette, the barriers to networking as a wheelchair user and the social model of disability.

Basingstoke Gazette

The Gazette interviewed Esi about why Celebrating Disability is so important.
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The inclusive recruitment website asked Esi to star in their promotional video.

Work and Health Conference

Presenting and participating in London Assembly’s conference panel discussion led to Esi’s recommendations being presented in a paper to the Mayor of London.

The recommendations published on page 4 cover the importance of disability awareness when designing inclusive cultures as well as physical accessibility.

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Women At Work

In July, Esi was featured in the Women At Work report from the High Pay Centre. This was presented at the House of Lords where Esi was a panelist.

The Panel of Executive Women spoke about their experiences of work and Esi, a disability speaker talking about disability awareness and work was able to bring another perspective to the discussion.

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