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Connor Bodin 18/12/2018

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Connor here, UK Account Manager at Mercado Medic UK.

I am hoping you may find this article helpful regarding accommodating Disability in the workplace, especially physical conditions that affect mobility around the office.

Now from my personal experience with fulfilling workplace assessments for our inclusive seating systems that benefit most, if not all physical disabilities, I find that when it comes to a chair that can assist with your daily activities whilst taking the unwanted stresses you may be putting on your bodies with the wrong equipment there has been a shortfall to get what you need quickly and easily.

Are you in work now?

Or looking to return to work and have a physical disability? What would you expect to happen to assist you to ensure you can do your job safely and efficiently? Well I think at some point of the process Access to Work may come up. Throughout the U.K the team of assessors will assess your needs and advise you on the best equipment to ensure all your needs are met whilst working.

As employers must make reasonable adjustment to accommodate your needs for you to work safely and efficiently, the Access to Work scheme can aid in funding the correct equipment. Mercado Medic have been manufacturing and supplying chairs through our network of suppliers to such schemes, so we are widely recognised as the company to provide solutions when it comes to physical disability in the workplace through our adaptable ergonomic office chairs.

Chairs that blend in

Our chairs are designed to be very inclusive, not standing out like some equipment you may find today, too big and bulky to blend in with your surroundings. Even though our office seating is designed to look like an office chair, you are not limited as to what our seating can do. With our modular system, we can adapt the chair to your exact needs, meaning sizes of seat, backrest and armrests. Accessories can be added such as leg supports, Coxit cushions, swing away armrests, side supports, also third-party backrests and cushions for user preference.

We manufacture everything in house, so we have the ability to adapt areas of the chair to ensure there is nothing we miss when accommodating you, as no one user is the same. We can’t apply a one size fits all. We are always after feedback to better our process’ and systems, as you know best.



We have been manufacturing our specialist chairs since 1971 and continue to innovate and makes lives easier and promoting activity that suits you as a person.

If you would like to find out more about what we do and to see how our chairs work, we offer free product assessments/trials to showcase just how beneficial our chairs are. We truly believe in out manufacturing process and back this with a 10-year product warranty.


Please feel free to give us a call, email or leave us a message on our website

03330 033 666

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