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Inclusion Equals Business Growth

Workplaces that support inclusion of disabled people can be essential to a happy, productive workforce. Did you know that under the Equality Act 2010, an employer cannot ask about an individual’s disability?

This is true of an employee in the workplace and of a candidate at recruitment stage. Knowing how to ask the right questions will ensure the individual receives the necessary support and feels that the business cares about their wellbeing.

The training sessions we have developed are designed to support your employees to get a good handle on disability awareness. This is important as your employees are more often than not the ones that will be working face-to-face with disabled people, whether those  disabled people are employees of your business or customers looking to buy a product or service.

Whilst all our training sessions are tailored to your specific goals and needs, the examples listed below are the most popular sessions that cover topics most businesses would like to know more about.

When you choose a Celebrating Disability training package, you can expect the following:

  •     Conversation about your goals and outcomes
  •     Tailored training session
  •     Trainer with lived experience of disability
  •     Handouts to complement the learning
  •     Half page summary of outcomes and recommendations

Online Interactive Training

Ensuring that your employees have the right tools to support disabled candidates, employees and customers to succeed in the workplace is essential. 

It can sometimes be difficult to get away from the office, especially when organising staff teams to take a morning out to attend training sessions.  However, we all know how important disability awareness training can be when beginning or continuing your disability in the workplace inclusion journey.

Our online disability awareness training sessions provide the perfect solution to this dilemma.  Delivering all the valuable content that delegates will receive if they were to be participating in a in-house training session at the comfort of one’s own laptop and desk. 

As always, Celebrating Disability online training sessions are interactive in style with every opportunity for delegates to ask questions, explore ideas and participate fully in discussion. 

Added Benefits Of Online Training

One of the main benefits of receiving online-based training is that the sessions are always recorded.  This means that you and your delegates can have exclusive access to the training material and content after the session.  As well as being able to listen back to specific conversations at the touch of a button.

No Sign Up Necessary

It can be a bit daunting using online training software, especially when you haven’t done it before.  With this in mind, Celebrating Disability have created a pack that will guide delegates through how to successfully log on and interact with the software.

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All Celebrating Disability online training content is designed specifically for your business or organisation needs.  However, if you’re unsure where to start, here are a few example content sessions:

General Disability Awareness Online Training

As with the face-to-face training session, this general disability awareness session is a great place to start for delegates who are beginning their disability awareness journey.

This session will give a valuable insight into the breadth of disability and how businesses and not-for-profit organisations can implement relatively simple strategies to ensure disabled candidates, colleagues, employees and customers feel included and valued.

Additional Features:

  • Exploration of the barriers faced by disabled people and what your organisation can do to mitigate these barriers
  • Introduction to language and terminology surrounding disability to support delegates to understand appropriate terminology and etiquette
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Creating Accessible & Inclusive Events

Creating accessible events isn’t only about the physical space. Although this is very important, it is also about ensuring that the disabled people that attend your events feel included in your events, whether these events be live or online.

Additional Features:

  • Ensuring accessibility
  • Meeting individual requirements
  • Ensuring everyone feels included
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"The information available in the webinars applies to many areas of the Supported Employment Community.  The organisation I work for is a very comprehensive with providing employment services for disabled individuals.  In fact, I sent the webinar link to my co-workers so that they can also join and gain perspective on the important topics Celebrating Disability addresses.  Being based in the United States, it is important to gain knowledge from other areas of the world and embrace the value that the disabled population contributes to the workforce."

Anonymous Delegate

Disability In Recruitment Training Session

Ideal For: Human Resources,  Recruiters, Line Managers, Senior and Executive Management

The session offers guidance and tools to ensure end to end inclusion and access to the recruitment process for every candidate who is interested in applying for a role.  It gives an insight into the barriers faced by disabled people entering employment.

Additional Features:

  • Content to attract disabled candidates
  • Accessible interviewing process including reasonable adjustments
  • Mitigating bias in the selection and interviewing process
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Supporting Disabled Employees

This can be remotely as well as in the office.  Remote working can be isolating for some and if the isolation feels too bad, it stops productivity.  However, this does not have to be the case. There are many software options and technologies available now that support employees to feel connected to their peers and colleagues.  Ensuring accessibility within these technologies and understanding how to use the accessibility will be the key to ensuring your disabled employees feel connected.

Additional Features:

  • Accessibility features to look out for in remote working tools
  • Ways to support with mental health and well-being
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 This is what Victoria Murphy - a student from RADA said about a Celebrating Disability training session when asked what she found most beneficial:

"Esi was a fantastic voice to the whole presentation, she was incredibly valuable to my understanding on the topic and provided actual insights and experiences of hers."

Interested in finding out more about how online training can support your disability awareness needs?


How Disability Awareness Training Benefits You

Between April and June 2017, there were 3.5 million disabled people in the workplace. Only around 10% of disability is physical, so the likelihood of employing disabled people in your workplace without realising is high. Many disabled people do not disclose their disability due to fear of repercussion or simply not knowing how to initiate the conversation.

Disabled people as employees

Disabled people who feel secure in the workplace will take less sick days, are more likely to engage and will become ambassadors for your business. By building a truly inclusive workplace culture, you will be a step closer to ensuring that the above happens.

Our workshops explore these areas and provide insight so that your business can implement strategies that will welcome and support disabled people in your workplace.

Disabled people as customers

It is virtually impossible to support a disabled person to feel welcome if the person in charge of this does not feel comfortable interacting. If they are too concerned about the language they are using, whether they are offending or if they should ask somebody if they need help, they will never get past “Hello”.

These training sessions will support staff to know what to say, how to say it and what to do. Most importantly, staff will be given insight into how to come up with solutions to barriers that prevent disabled people from doing what they would like to do.

Our trainers all have lived experience of disability along with business experience in a variety of sectors. Our workshops are interactive sessions where participants can explore and develop their own thinking.

Often what prevents true inclusion for disabled people is a lack of awareness, a fear of saying the wrong thing and misinterpreted perceptions. The workshops we deliver aim to tackle these barriers with discussion, group exercises, and expert knowledge.

To ensure learning from workshops is carried back to the workplace, delegates are also encouraged to set goals.

Online Disability Consulting

If you like the idea of more remote working, you may be interested to know that webinar training is not the only remote service Celebrating Disability can offer.  Consulting services offered a great opportunity for home and remote working. To find out more about how our disability consulting and disability auditing services can be provided remotely, give us a call.

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