Our Purpose

The vision and mission behind Celebrating Disability and everything we do

Our purpose is to…

Empower private businesses and not-for-profit organisations to eradicate inequity for their disabled customers and colleagues by building inclusive opportunities.

We do this by…

Supporting our clients to identify tools and strategies that enable inclusion. Through interactive, tailored and outcome-focused training sessions, talks and consulting.

We are…


    A user lead organisation (ULO). This means that we are run by disabled people and advocate for the rights of disabled people in the workplace and as customers.

    Goal-orientated and outcome-focused. As a result of working with us, your organisation will have tangible actions to implement.

    Friendly, fun and approachable. We believe that everyone can participate in creating inclusive cultures. We provide relatable examples leading to realistic and tangible advice, enabling everyone to understand their role in developing inclusion.

    Pragmatic. Disability inclusion is not something that can be achieved overnight. It’s a journey. We will work with our clients to take this journey step-by-step and innovate strategies that will work for their organisation.

    I found the conversation with Esi, to discuss our requirements and share context before receiving the proposal – and meeting Esi is what convinced me that we should definitely work with Celebrating Disability. They deliver clear, engaging, collaborative and informative sessions led by friendly and kind people! Our whole team not only learned a lot, but were encouraged to share their own knowledge and experience and really enjoyed both sessions delivered by Celebrating Disability.


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