The Celebrating Disability Podcast

Disabled People share their experiences of the workplace. Offering tips and advice for disabled employees, managers and business owners.

#PartofMe Podcast

Esi Hardy hosts #PartofMe – a peer interview podcast.

Once a month, Esi invites a guest to share their experiences of how they manage their disability in the workplace. Helping everyone to develop disability confidence and inclusion in the workplace for disabled people. Workplaces are varied; from mediator couches to the tennis court and everything in between.

As well as stimulating debate and discussion, the podcast offers advice and tips for managers and disabled people alike.

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The Interviewees

Our interviewees are talented, creative and intelligent individuals who have generously offered their time to share their views and experiences to support others to feel confident when hiring and interacting with disabled people.

These honest conversations offer valuable insight into the reality of the workplace for disabled people whilst at the same time share the benefits that can come from spending time ensuring that your business is inclusive.


Season One Episode Guide

A wonderfully honest conversation which has great information for both the disabled person and potential employers. It shows that responsibility for honesty, flexibility and creating opportunities lies with both the employee and the employer

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Do you have experiences of the workplace that you'd like to share with others?

​The Part of Me podcast shares experiences of disabled people who are or have been previously in the workplace. Helping businesses understand the benefits of having disabled people as part of their workforce and where to find support.

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Not a problem! Not everyone we speak to is local to Celebrating Disability. We can record your interview via a phone call and then upload it for everyone to hear!

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