Real Time Disability Awareness Events

Real-time events to enable participants to continue prioritising disability in the workplace

Real Time Online Webinars

Celebrating Disability are hosting a series of disability in the workplace and disability awareness online webinars. These webinars are designed to support businesses and not for profits to concentrate on disability within their organisation.  Webinars will be a mixture of interactive, discussion-based webinars and seminars style webinars where there is less interaction.  The webinars hosted will feature many of Celebrating Disability associates.  Topics will range from how to prioritise disability in the workplace to a general Q&A session giving you the opportunity to ask any questions relating to the field of disability awareness and disability inclusion in the workplace.

Online Webinars Versus Face-To-Face Talks & Training

If you were thinking “online webinars and no substitute for face-to-face”, you are not alone.  Many people feel that this is the issue and feel that they cannot get the same amount of value from an online webinar as they could if they were face-to-face with somebody.  In some cases, this is entirely accurate.  However, we feel it does come down to the skills and the passion of the presenter.  Esi, the host of the webinars and Managing Director of Celebrating Disability is incredibly passionate about the subject matter and is a talented and engaging speaker and presenter.

 You can see below an example of a webinar hosted by Esi.  This webinar was hosted on behalf of ParaPride through the Consortium for Stronger LGBT+ Communities.  The style of the webinar was a seminar style.  This webinar is one hour in length so you may want to watch a section now and return later (unless you have the time right now).

Disability Awareness Webinar

Posted on behalf of ParaPride

Attending An Online Event

Attending an online disability awareness webinar is easier than you may think.  Celebrating Disability use an online hosting platform called Zoom.  Zoom is incredibly powerful and easy to use.  With plenty of how to videos to support everyone to engage in the conversation.   

Best thing about Zoom?   No registration required!  Upon registering for a disability online webinar event, you will receive an email from us with information about the event and about how to use Zoom.  There will be no need to sign up for anything, just a simple quick download that you will be able to do ahead of the event.

Before we get into the main content within an event, we will always explain the tools in which you can use to participate and fully engage in the discussion.

Upcoming Online Events

Have a look at our list of upcoming disability awareness and disability in the workplace training and information webinars.

Can't see what you are looking for?  Why not check out our online webinars training page to see if we cover your topic there?

Recruiting Disabled People Into Your Workplace

Webinar Style:  Talk with Q&A

There are many barriers presented to disabled people in the recruitment process. These barriers make it harder for disabled people to apply and successfully be recruited into an organisation. For many organisations, a lack of understanding of these barriers are preventing people from recruiting and attracting disabled candidates successfully. There are a number of “quick” solutions that can be implemented into an organisation and a business to encourage disabled people and support them through the application and recruitment process.

In this webinar, we will discuss some of the things that prevent disabled people from applying for the roles and explore some of the solutions for inclusive recruitment of disabled people.

This webinar will explore some of the reasons for repercussions in more detail.  It will look at some of the possible solutions that can be implemented to support a disabled person to feel more confident to tell you about access requirements.

Date:  12th May

Time:  1pm

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4 Degrees Of Disability - Ask The Experts Webinar

Webinar Style:  All Out Q&A

Panelists: Ryan Compton, Sarah Burrell, Roland Chesters, Esi Hardy  

A webinar dedicated purely to answering your questions.  The four expert panelists will be bringing their experiences both as professionals in the field of disability inclusion and as disabled people with personal experiences themselves.  We wanted to create an environment where participants can ask any and all questions relating to disability in the workplace.

Why 4 Degrees Of Disability?

Quite simply, there are four of us and we are all disabled. Between the four of us, we cover a multitude of impairments and impairment groups.  Including: physical impairments, sensory, mental health, learning disability, health related disability and speech impairment.

Between the four of us, we also have years of experience in the area of disability inclusion and equality.

Have a look at our bios here. 

There will be some ground rules though:

  • Any inappropriate questions will be vetoed
  • Panellists have a "Veto Card" for any questions that they choose not to answer

Date:  13th May

Time:  1pm

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Language, Etiquette & Communication

Webinar Style:  Interactive Discussion 

Many of the conversations I have with people working in organisations are around the language and communication.  The barriers to engaging with disabled people are often around a fear of getting it wrong or insulting a person. This fear often prevents a conversation from starting in the first place and can be the barrier to true engagement.

In this webinar, we will explore what inclusive language is and how to know what is and what is not appropriate.  We will also look a little bit at different communication methods and how these methods can be utilised to engage with people in a meaningful way.

Date:  20th May

Time:  1pm

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An Accessible & Inclusive Environment

Webinar Style:  Talk with Q&A

Guest Speaker:  Sarah Teicher

How does the accessible building/environment contribute towards the inclusion of disabled people?

It is a general misconception that if a building is accessible it is also inclusive.  However disability accessibility and disability inclusion are two different things and as such, often do not work hand-in-hand;  a restaurant may be accessible for a wheelchair user because there is a step free entrance.  However, that restaurant is not inclusive of disabled people because they step free entrance is through the kitchen.

This webinar with expert Sarah Teicher will explore this distinction in language and provision and discuss what can be done to ensure businessThis webinar with expert Sarah Teicher will explore this distinction in language and provision and discuss what can be done to ensure business can meaningfully prioritise an accessible and inclusive environment for all.

Date:  22nd May

Time:  1pm

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Inclusive Design (Collaborating with Disabled People)

Webinar Style:  Talk with Q&A

Designing your product or service to be inclusive of everyone is always easier when you enlist the support of people that know best. This is especially true for designing products that can be inclusive of disabled people. Many organisations and businesses fall into the trap of assuming they know what disabled people need. However, this is impossible unless they have lived experience or are utilising the knowledge of disabled people themselves. Designing products and services to be inclusive of disabled people can be applied to many services. For example:

• Front of house customer services

• Designing and developing a product

• Website design and development

• Planning a new space or environment

Collaborating with disabled people takes planning and sometimes specific strategies, in this webinar, we will explore some of the strategies and also discuss the benefits of inclusive design.

Date:  27th May

Time:  1pm

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General Disability Awareness

Webinar Style:  Talk with Q&A

Disability awareness and inclusion is a fairly large topic. It covers many areas and due to disabled people and disability being so broad and unique to individuals, it can at times be difficult to know where to start. This webinar offers an opportunity to have an overview and an insight into disability awareness and why it is so important for business and organisations.

Date:  3rd June

Time:  1pm

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Social Model of Disability

Webinar Style:  Talk with Q&A

The social model of disability is a philosophy that many disabled people live by.  However, it is more than just a philosophy. It is a way to understand that if we all work together, the world could be more accessible and inclusive for disabled people.

The social model of disability consists of four main elements of which it is believed that society can adapt to be more inclusive of disability:

  • The physical environment we live in
  • The attitudes of people around us towards disabled people
  • How organisations operate and work to include and champion disability
  • How the "social" and "structure" "norms" can be adapted to think outside the box and find new ways of working to involve disabled people

By having an insight into this philosophy and where it came from and how it works, you will be able to suggest and implement changes to your workplace and your business or organisation that will support disabled people to feel welcome and valued.

Date:  10th June

Time:  1pm

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Creating Inclusive & Accessible Events

Webinar Style:  Talk with Q&A

If a disabled person doesn’t feel valued and welcome then they are less likely to attend your event or meeting. There are some “easy” and “simple” solutions that will not be difficult to implement. These will help ensure your event is inclusive.

Sometimes it is the most simple solutions that can make a difference to somebody’s experience. However without knowing what the solutions are, they are never obvious.

Date:  15th June

Time:  1pm

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Developing A Culture Of Inclusion

Webinar Style:  Talk with Q&A

Do your disabled employees feel as though they are truly included within your workplace culture? Meaning, does every disabled employee feel as though they can fully participate and engage in a way that suits their needs and style? Many of the barriers that prevent disabled employees from feeling truly inclusive within the workplace are subtle but can determine the difference between an engaged employee and then employee who does not feel engaged.

Developing an inclusive workplace is not a quick fix. However, communicating your intentions, where you are starting, why you are doing it and where your desired outcomes are can support engagement, retention and productivity.

Date:  25th June

Time:  1pm

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