I Did Something for Disability Inclusion

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I have a question.  Is it ok to be 50% disability inclusive? I think disability inclusion is an essential factor of presenting and hosting events. The other day I attended an event where the speaker displayed a video with no dialogue.  Instead of dialogue, the message was displayed in text. This video was about 5 minutes long.  I mentioned to the speaker afterwards… Continue Reading I Did Something for Disability Inclusion

[INFOGRAPHIC] Recruiting Disabled People Into The Workplace

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To men casually talking

Field of Dreams You know that saying “if you build it, they will come”? Well it’s not true! I hate to break it to you.  The lucky few (and I mean the very few) seem to have everything fall at their feet but the majority of us, we have to work to make things happen.  The same can be said for… Continue Reading [INFOGRAPHIC] Recruiting Disabled People Into The Workplace

How To Make Your Business More Accessible

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When you break down the term ‘accessibility’, you get the most straightforward definition in the word – the ‘ability’ to ‘access’. It doesn’t specifically refer to only disabled people – although most of the time it is assumed so. Accessible design is about creating a world that everyone can easily access, whether this is a public swimming pool or 50th-floor… Continue Reading How To Make Your Business More Accessible

I Need Coffee

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I work best in the morning. Many people say that.  I think it’s natural because that’s when we have our caffeine. But I have a slight issue at the moment. I can’t have coffee in the morning and go out straight afterwards. Why? I’m about to explain.  Up until last year, I had Personal Assistants. Personal Assistants (PAs) supported me with my… Continue Reading I Need Coffee