Hiring Disabled Employees: 5 Reasons You Should

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We all agree that everyone has an equal right employment. For years, employers have maintained low expectations when it comes to hiring disabled employees. As a result, the workforce of disabled people is greatly underutilised. According to one statistic, there are currently 1.2 million disabled people in the UK who are available for and want to work. Thankfully, due to spreading… Continue Reading Hiring Disabled Employees: 5 Reasons You Should

[INFOGRAPHIC] Recruiting Disabled People Into The Workplace

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Field of Dreams You know that saying “if you build it, they will come”? Well it’s not true! I hate to break it to you.  The lucky few (and I mean the very few) seem to have everything fall at their feet but the majority of us, we have to work to make things happen.  The same can be said for… Continue Reading [INFOGRAPHIC] Recruiting Disabled People Into The Workplace

Attracting Disabled Candidates

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The Right Candidate When recruiting for a role, whether that role is paid or voluntary, full-time or part-time, you always want to make sure that you’re getting as much value for money as possible. You want to recruit somebody that will do the job to the best of their ability and support you to grow your project/business in the direction… Continue Reading Attracting Disabled Candidates

Harnessing the Experience of Disabled Employees

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New Year: New Start After the New Year, there a many things that people have intentions of doing differently. These are commonly known as New Year Resolutions.  With all the best intentions, many of us will not stick to these much past 31st January. However, one business resolution that could benefit your whole business would be to make your workplace… Continue Reading Harnessing the Experience of Disabled Employees

Is the Best Person Getting The Role?

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At networking meetings, events and workshops, people ask me about how to make a recruitment process accessible. The dos and don’ts and the application process. I think sometimes these processes can sound a lot more complicated than they actually are. The word “Disability” can prohibit people from thinking outside the box. But a disabled applicant is an applicant like any other.… Continue Reading Is the Best Person Getting The Role?