How To Talk About Disability

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Where to Start with Disability Language I think so much of what prevents society and business engaging with disabled people is down to a lack of confidence with the language.  It could seem to an onlooker that the language surrounding disability is complicated and inflammatory and therefore sometimes, easier to avoid having a conversation altogether than potentially making a mistake and… Continue Reading How To Talk About Disability

[INFOGRAPHIC] Recruiting Disabled People Into The Workplace

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Field of Dreams You know that saying “if you build it, they will come”? Well it’s not true! I hate to break it to you.  The lucky few (and I mean the very few) seem to have everything fall at their feet but the majority of us, we have to work to make things happen.  The same can be said for… Continue Reading [INFOGRAPHIC] Recruiting Disabled People Into The Workplace

The Insidious Result of Language

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The Insidious Result of Language

Language surrounding disability has always been a minefield To me, I have always been baffled over the complexity of what people make language to be. When working in the disability charity sector, I was constantly perplexed by the terms that were used to describe disabled people and the help and support that they received. One of the hardest things is… Continue Reading The Insidious Result of Language

A Culture of Diversity

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Recruit for Diversity Whether a one man band or a business employing millions, it is imperative that there is a culture that builds on the strengths of employees. As is in all organisations a diverse workforce is the best and only way to achieve this for certain. This is because a diverse workforce can utilise the experiences of everyone from… Continue Reading A Culture of Diversity

Does Your Business Really Need to be Accessible?

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Well, the short answer is: Yes! Absolutely. Without a doubt Every single business in every single sector needs to be inclusive of disabled people: Disabled people as customers, disabled people as employees, disabled people as suppliers, disabled people as partners. The list goes on and on. By now, if you have read more than one of Celebrating Disability’s blogs, you… Continue Reading Does Your Business Really Need to be Accessible?