How To Talk About Disability

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2 women talking round a table - How to talk about disability

Where to Start with Disability Language I think so much of what prevents society and business engaging with disabled people is down to a lack of confidence with the language.  It could seem to an onlooker that the language surrounding disability is complicated and inflammatory and therefore sometimes, easier to avoid having a conversation altogether than potentially making a mistake and… Continue Reading How To Talk About Disability

The Insidious Result of Language

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The Insidious Result of Language

Language surrounding disability has always been a minefield To me, I have always been baffled over the complexity of what people make language to be. When working in the disability charity sector, I was constantly perplexed by the terms that were used to describe disabled people and the help and support that they received. One of the hardest things is… Continue Reading The Insidious Result of Language

The Thought That Businesses Dare Not Speak

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girl with mouth sealed shut

Background I received an email the other day from a person I met at an exhibition.  We had been talking about the importance of web accessibility and tone of voice used to attract disabled customers to a website and fundamentally, to a business.  This person was interested in commissioning services of Celebrating Disability to advise on the overall accessibility and… Continue Reading The Thought That Businesses Dare Not Speak

Disabled person vs. person with… The debate continues

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sticks and stones

The Context Over the last few months and throughout my career, there have been many conversations about whether the term “disabled people” should be utilised over the term “people with disabilities”. Whilst this is a personal choice, most people don’t fully appreciate the differentiation between the two. They therefore believe that it is just a turn of phrase and supports… Continue Reading Disabled person vs. person with… The debate continues

So Brave

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Wheelchair wheels on cobbled stones

There’s no getting away from the language used to describe disabled people. Before you read any further, have a think about the language that springs to your mind when thinking about disability. What did you come up with? There are the words to describe the person: disabled, person with disability, wheelchair user, wheelchair bound, mentally ill. There are words to… Continue Reading So Brave