Road sign with inclusion pointing left and accessibility pointing right. Next to this, an image of a winding road with many twists and turns

An Unexpected Trip

Where My Journey Begins…. I recently attended an event in London. The details about where the event was held were quite sketchy.  Once I arrived at the event, I realised that this was because the event was internal and therefore probably didn’t need to be more specific.  I arrived at the place where the event was held to be told that it… Continue Reading An Unexpected Trip

Surrey Police session

Disability Inclusion Training vs Disability Awareness

The Definition When researching disability awareness training, you may have come across different organisations describing their training as either inclusion or awareness. This may, on the surface, seem no more than a choice of language. For some trainers it may be true. It can often be easy to overlap disability inclusion training with disability awareness training. However, the similarities that… Continue Reading Disability Inclusion Training vs Disability Awareness