Disability Consultancy Packages

Working with you to develop your disability inclusive workplace culture.

Did You Know?
The Purple Pound (the spending power of disabled people in the UK) is over £260 billion per annum.

How Can Our Consultancy Services Help You?

Our consultancy service can help with all of the above and much more. We want to ensure that disability inclusion can be firmly embedded within businesses so that every disabled person, whether a customer or an employee, can have the same equal experience as every other person your business interacts with.

By working with Celebrating Disability, you will be acquiring expertise that will ensure systemic inclusion can be a reality.

Do you need help with any of the following?

  • Policies & Statements
  • Reasonable Adjustments
  • Accessible Premises
  • Supporting Disabled Employees
  • Recruitment Processes Induction
  • Developing a Great Customer Experience

Ask about Project Based Consultancy and On-Going Consultancy today.

I will be more mindful of the need for disabled people to sit where they would like to. It is not just about what is practical but also about what anyone with disabilities would like to do.
Beverly Williams - Kensington temple

What Would You Do With An Extra 20% Growth?

That is how much disabled people bring into the consumer market every year. However, much of this money is spent in one place. Mainly because if a disabled person finds a service that is accessible and welcoming, then they will return again and again.

“Oh but that is just one person” I hear you say. On the contrary, disabled people (just as non-disabled people) don’t always want to do these things alone: go for a drink in the evening, out for a meal, on holiday, to watch a show, etc. If you lose the one customer you will probably be losing all their friends and family plus all the reviews that come along with it.

91% of all customers who are unsatisfied with a business will leave that business without saying anything. They will never return and tell all their friends and family about their bad experience. Disabled people will not settle for service where the customer experience has been compromised.  Many a time, it is the subtleties that make or break an experience.

Not all businesses are or have the means right away to be completely accessible.  Accessibility is only 50% of what makes a disabled person feel welcome. Another portion of what makes people feel welcome is attitude and willingness. As a disabled person myself, I would much rather be in a restaurant where the accessibility isn’t perfect but I feel valued and wanted as a customer.

Our consultancy packages will audit the following:

  • Communication Methods
  • Engagement, Interaction, and Attraction
  • General Accessibility
  • Business Processes

Celebrating Disability Can Offer In-House Support For You

Writing policies and equality statements is only the first step to the inclusive business you desire.

Engaging every employee so that they are on-board with your equality and inclusion goals is the turning point to creating workplace cultures that are truly inclusive of disabled employees and customers.

Would You Like To...

Attract disabled people and offer meaningful inclusion that will create a happy, energised & creative workforce?

Grow your business by encouraging more disabled customers to purchase your products and services?

Be a more forward thinking business that is known for being actively inclusive of employees and customers alike?

If the answer is yes, then we can help. Get in touch today.

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